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DRIVEN -Non-fiction

I’m pleased to add this brief video with one of my clients who self-published his book ‘Driven’ that I had the pleasure of copyediting.

‘DRIVEN’ is an inspiring story of a young boy’s journey in the drug world, to a young man who comes to terms with his past and decides to move on.

At the tender age of fourteen, Robert Davis forfeited his high school education to pursue what so many in his community did – selling drugs. However, after 10-years in-and-out of prison he never wanted to see the inside of a  cell again.

Robert subsequently joined the competitive world of retail and surprises everyone, including himself, by overcoming challenging obstacles and working his way to the top of his profession. In the process, he becomes a model man in his community.

This book will serve to inspire those youths who are currently caught up in the world of drugs by showing them that, that world is not their glass ceiling. If Driven with determination to get out of the system, they can do it too. The writer clearly did.


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