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Visual planning

After an exhausting 3-day conference/seminar in Las Vegas, I’m shattered physically, but mentally buzzing, not from information over-load, but all the exciting ideas that’s bubbling in my head. It was a well-needed boost being surrounded by creative and inspiring people seeking to become better solopreneurs or entrepreneurs. I also developed friendships that I know will go beyond networking. 

It’s so important to be surrounded by like-minded people whether it’s a reading group, mastermind group or the occasional seminar/conference. Such an atmosphere not only teaches you ways and means to further your business, but these interactions helps unleash dormant ideas and dreams that we sometimes place on the back burner as we become absorbed by day-to-day activities whether personal or work related.

The main thing that stood out to me was to have a visual plan in place. It was a theme that was repeated throughout the event.

Plan, plan and plan visually either before starting your business or as you grow your business. Have your ideas, numbers or whatever, in your face so you stay on top of them. It’s easy to lose track when you are caught up with other things.

Create a chart or charts, make a list of things to do i.e. research how to use automation to help you reach more clients, create or write an outline for your report or book. Whatever you plan to do or write, create visuals and plaster them around your office, living room or wherever you work, the trick is to keep it visible. That way you feel accountable and it will challenge you to get the job done.


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