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I Remember – Cherished Christmas Moments – A Poem for my Children

My children, when you were young, and believed in Santa Clause,

I remember being privy to your anticipation as you laid out biscuits and milk for Santa in the hopes of getting your respective wishes.

Oh, how I remember the many times you prayed and told Santa that you were good kids all year long—ahem…–and deserved what you were asking?

I remember seeing the awe in your faces as you ripped the Christmas wrapper that separated you from your heart’s desire.

I remember the question marks in your eyes as your brains almost imploded wondering whether Santa got you your wishes.

I remember when you got the tiniest glimpse, recognition set in, and your mouths formed the words, “Look what Father Christmas got me?”

Then, it was on to the next present….

I remember and cherish those memories of how in a split second an imaginary, pot-bellied, white beard man, dressed in a red and white suit could bring you such pleasure.

I remember.


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