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 Un4gettable you’re like the plague,

you incense me with glorious pain.

Un4gettable it’s only but a game,

but this emotional infection is driving me insane;

because, un4gettable are your radiant smiles,

un4gettable are your masculine styles,

un4gettable you’re both so damn fine.

Though different in your own parlance

you both send me in an un4gettable trance,

dominating my state of mind,

truly you’re both one of a kind,

yet neither one of you out-shine.

For happiness is an ongoing melody

when you play with the strings of my medley

Un4gettable your personalities unveil

the sought after oomph my woman needs.

Un4gettable my anonymity is my shield,

as I reel from my game of shameless deceit.

Un4gettable I do the things I do,

because I’m in love with both of you.

So on this Valentine Day I propose a toast,

I raise my glass, and can truly boast

that I’m having the most un4gettable time with you both!

(c) Cherry-Ann Carew 2006


Comments on: "UN4GETTABLE – A Valentine Poem" (4)

  1. Okay…this poem brought a smile to my face for some reason…guess it was the “both of you” aspect of the poem.

  2. Awesome! I love the free flowing vibes.

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