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Diet and Writing

I was talking to 2 people who love to write. They told me that they used to write whenever they had the urge. As of recent however, they couldn’t, even though they have a burning desire.

One said, “It’s a strange feeling, so upsetting and frustrating, when I cannot bring myself to write, when just a couple of years ago I used to write all the time, I loved it so much. Now that I’ve fallen out of practice, it’s hard work getting over writer’s block.”

Naturally, I referred her and the other person to my Free Special Report.

If you too are experiencing difficulties, here are some steps to help you get started, whether you are just entering the writing arena, or seeking motivation to pick up where you left off.

Let’s take dieting for example. When you decide to go on a diet, you don’t abruptly stop eating the kinds of food you usually eat. You first ‘plan’ to go on a diet. You then research what type of diet you will go on, whether it’s low-carb, high protein etc. You make a list of the ingredients you need, and you decide when to start and end your diet – it may be a week from Monday for 4 weeks to fit into a slinky dress for your engagement, for instance.

The same procedure is true for writing. By planning to write, doing the research and giving yourself a timeframe, you are mentally preparing your mind for the actual task of writing, just like you would to go on a diet.

Let’s follow the diet analogy.

Plan to write

As simplistic as this sound, it works. Plant the seed in your head that, “I will write,” not “I want to write.” Be decisive. Research what you will write like you would research what type of diet you will go on. As such, brainstorm whether it’s a short story, novella, a 300+ page novel, or some form of non-fiction – your low-carb/high protein.

What elements will you incorporate in your writing?

That is, your ingredients. Who are your character(s), a murderer, thief, accountant, or rock star? Where is your setting? What conflicts will you use to make the plot interesting, if you are writing fiction? Just like you would make a list of the ingredients for your diet, make a list of the elements that you need to build your story.

Set a time to write

You’ve decided that you will eat 5 times a day to remain on course with your diet. Now if you decide to write 2 times a day at fifteen minutes interval, be consistent with your allocated time, and use that time to focus only on writing. Setting aside time each day helps establish a writing routine, just as you will stick to your 5 times a day eating routine.

Resist the urge to give up. Even if you are stuck, write that down, then write what you are stuck on and why. You would be surprised as to how you can get back on track and your writing will flow.

© 2010 Cherry-Ann Carew

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