Write It, Work It, Publish It™

If you ask some of the leading multi-millionaires if setting up a business during a recession is plain crazy, I am sure they would wave your question away. Why? Because many of them started their businesses during this period and came out winners.

Just because we are in an economic slowdown doesn’t mean it is the worse time to set up a business. And if you are serious about writing, you need to think of it as your business.

Throughout history there have been extraordinary stories of success from General Electric as far back as 1873 in the middle of the Great Panic to Donald Trump in 2009, “I just bought something in Washington, a big project in Washington. Just bought a big project in New Jersey. It is a great time to be buying,” Trump said. (FOX News, February 18, 2009).

Okay, so you may not be buying a big project, but writing is a project. As such you must prepare yourself for the other aspects that go with writing. Some of these aspects include putting a budget in place for editing and marketing your next bestseller. You may be in a credit crunch, but you’ve got to invest in yourself if you want to be successful.

You not only have to invest financially, but your time too. That means building your platform by joining groups, social mediums, setting up your website, blog, networking, topic research, book title and cover research, along with researching whether your book will be an e-book or whether you will need an agent if you decide to publish your book traditionally. If self-publishing, this requires the same action. Not to mention putting together your proposal.

Brainstorming and setting a plan in place will put you way ahead of the game. There are plenty of opportunities out there for you to keep at the cutting edge of trends by attending more networking events, training workshops and industry seminars.

If you are serious about your long-term writing career, the economic slowdown is not a stop sign for your entrepreneurial aspirations but a time to leverage your time, put your creative ideas on paper and be ready for when the good times roll around. And it will!

Go, Write It, Work, Publish It!

© 2010 Cherry-Ann Carew

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