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Do you find yourself writing long-winded sentences? In other words are you using unnecessary words in your writing? Maybe you’re trying hard to make your words dazzle on the page that your writing turns out complex and hard to read.

 If your reader has to figure out what you’re saying, or what the story is about, or have to reach for the dictionary at the turn of every page, you’ll lose their interest.

 As a rule, keep your writing simple and use brevity to deliver your ideas.

Here are some guidelines to follow:

  •  Don’t use two or three words in a sentence to make up your word count when one word will do. We editors will delete it;)
  •  Be specific about what you’re writing about. If you try to be vague, then you will write meaningless words. Unless of course, you’re foreshadowing then you must reveal all before you write, ‘The End’.
  •  Condense your sentences so they pack a punch to keep the reader engaged.
  •  Do the same for paragraphs.
  •  Avoid using passive voice. Use active verbs to give your writing rhythm and pace.
  •  Minimize the use of adverbs and adjectives when a word can stand on its own.
  •  Avoid redundancies by not writing in a repetitive manner.
  •  Don’t underestimate your reader’s intelligence by telling them about events to come – in other words show don’t tell.

 Follow these simple guidelines and you will improve your writing and develop your own voice and writing style.

 © 2010 Cherry-Ann Carew

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