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A Celebration of Women …..

is excited to Celebrate the Life of this Amazing Woman that ‘Embraced Change’ and  ’Battled her Fear’ and Won…..to follow what was Right for Her!   Now, she is here to help others….


Cherry Ann Carew

I was born in Guyana (formerly British Guiana) and immigrated to London, England in my early teens ,where I lived for nearly thirty years.  Guyana, the only English-speaking country in South America, was formerly known as British Guiana before Independence in 1966. The country was proclaimed a Republic within the British Commonwealth of Nations in 1970.

Guyana is derived from an Amerindian word meaning ‘land of many waters‘. A network of rivers disects the highlands, rain forest and savannahs south of the coastal region where the Kaieteur Falls plunges 226 metres over an escarpment on the the Potaro River in a single drop.

A diverse biota is associated with the rain forest.

Save the Turtles….

The Oliver Ridley, an endangered turtle, nests on the Atlantic Coast and in the rivers of the Rupununi Savannah are found the Giant River Otter and the world’s largest freshwater fish.

What a Birthplace….Wow!

This must be where Cherry’s Spirit Soars from….”

I had a rich life – in the sense of a loving family, independence, travel etc. – both in Guyana and in England. I attended university and raised two beautiful children while working in Corporate England. I had my moments of adversity like many women, but championed forward. I don’t believe in looking back.

Reading and writing has always been a passion, even throughout my good and not-so-good periods.  Writing was a way for me to express my thoughts, feelings, and personal experiences in a creative way about the world in which we live. I especially like writing women’s fiction, where I could use the human condition or human experience through characters. I further like to explore my imagination by playing with literary devices such as metaphors, similes, imagery, symbolism and other tools to make my writing entertaining.

Writing was my calling and I heeded that call by stepping away from Corporate England and took a post as a freelance sports journalist, then later as editor for a sports magazine.

I then immigrated to the US and within 2-years was partner in a recruiting business.

A year later, I resigned my partnership as I missed writing.

I made a decision to write my first novel (that will be published later in 2010) and started my own service-based business as a writing coach and editing both fiction and non-fiction.

It has grown, whereby I now create courses and programs to help novice writers: www.writetasticsolutions.com

“There is a certain thrill I get from seeing writers realize their writing dream. There is no better feeling than holding a finished manuscript in your hands.” Cherry-Ann smiles.

Here’s what a few people have to say…

“Hi Cherry, once again, I want to thank you for all you’ve done to help me write my book. I also want to let you know that it was released yesterday for sale. It’s available online through my website (davisdriven.com), Author House website, and all major on-line bookstores.  * I am also donating parts of the profit to the National MS society.

–Davis, Author of ‘Driven’ Connecticut, http://www.davisdriven.com


“Cherry Ann Carew is passionate about her writing! From the day that I met her, she has been enthused by the ability to express herself verbally and by written word. As time has gone by, she has honed and developed her skills, which have taken her to writing books, coaching and editing. It’s fantastic to see how she has progressed. Humble but authoritative at the same time, I am delighted that I was involved in her early years. To see this outstanding writer embark on new challenges, and conquer the writing world, is pleasing and sets a high standard for those that wish to follow her footsteps!”

–Rodney Hinds, Sports & Features Editor – The Voice, London, England.


“I want everyone to know Cherry-Ann is a great writer, a great editor, and a very nice person!


Cherry has been invaluable to me as a novice novelist. Her editing of my romance-mystery novel “Find Maggie” was timely and beautifully done. Cherry has the talent to clean up loose ends without destroying the fabric of my words. Her support and encouragement keep my head above water.
Thank you, Cherry.” –Tess McCarthy, Washington State


Cherry-Ann Carew, featured author in ‘How The Fierce Handle Fear’, shares her experiences with fear and success in her contribution entitled ‘The Price of Fear’, a book with Donald Trump, Jack Canfield and Frank McKinney.

Carew explains, “At some point in time, most of us will get caught up in financial conundrum. This could lead to overwhelm that in turn leads to fear. That fear either numbs the mind, causing listlessness and you either become a victim, or it drives you to claw your way out. “

“The trick, in my opinion on how to handle this set back, is to take stock of your affairs and focus on how to rectify them instead of focusing on the obstacles that causes fear.”

Cherry-Ann Carew:  www.writetasticsolutions.com


A Celebration of Women

wishes this WOMAN of ACTION

all the Abundance this Life has to Offer

and Urges all Writers,

needing a push, to connect with this Amazing Woman.

Bravo Cherry-Ann Carew!


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