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Cherry-Ann Carew is editor, author & founder of Writetastic Solutions, a firm that helps writers from all levels start – and finish their book. She is also known as ‘The Power Writing Coach’ and has more than 15 years of experience in writing professionally for various magazines, newspaper publications, and online content.

Passionate about helping emerging writers with their creative expression to add value to their books, she mentors others in developing their skills to write a story. Cherry-Ann created ‘Elements of Writing In Layman Terms — A Guide For Novice Writers’ E-course. The Guide will benefit both novices and seasoned writers. Recently, I sat down with Cherry-Ann. We talked about her vision, her aspirations, and of course, her dynamic online course, ‘Elements of Writing In Layman Terms — A Guide For Novice Writers’.

FB: Hello, Cherry-Ann. Thank you for joining me this afternoon.

 C-AC: My pleasure.

 FB: Please share more about who you are and what you do.

 C-AC: Sure Fran. My writing background started in sports journalism in the UK. Thereafter I became editor for a national sports journal before immigrating to the United States. During that time, I assisted with research for a reference book pertaining to footballers (soccer players) titled, Black Pearls of Soccer that was published by Hansib Publishers. Prior to that, I worked for corporate England.

With regards to what I do, it’s two-tier, in that on a personal stance, I’m an author. On the professional side, I’m a writing coach and editor.

 FB: The life of a writer often involves time-related challenges. Can you tell me how you coach your clients around this?

 C-AC: Indeed it does. I have a system in place that assists writers to incorporate writing in their daily lives. In short, it’s about prioritizing, compartmentalizing and using tools to leverage their time.

 FB I understand you don’t have the capability to reach out to all creative writers. Yet, there is an unprecedented opportunity to capture that untapped market. Please share your strategy.

 C-AC: Yes, the opportunity is certainly there. So many people have great stories, or messages that they would like to share in the form of a book. Conversely, there are people who wish to make writing a career. That said, the strategy I use to let people know that I can help them realize their dream of having a finished manuscript, is through marketing my services and self-promotion via varying mediums.

 FB What are some of the benefits a writer can gain from Elements of Writing In Layman Terms — A Guide For Novice Writers’ E-course?

 C-AC: Like most things, there are formats, formulas, techniques, strategies etc. that needs to be in place to make things work. The same is true for writing. To make writing work, be it entertaining, educational or instructional for instance, certain elements have to be incorporated to get the right result or the right effect. To that end, some of the benefits the writer will gain from this E-course are:

Ten central elements that is required for fiction writing, a one-stop shop whereby, the writer will have principal elements in one cohesive place. S/he will not have to plough through different books to research the varying elements. Gain full understanding of how to implement the elements to make good writing at the end of the E-course. Avoid being overwhelmed and avoid costly and time-consuming mistakes. In short, it’s an at-your-finger-tips Guide. Allied to the above, writers will get 30-minutes one-on-one coaching with me at the end of the course.

 FB: Are there any visions that you concoct in your mind that drive your desire to inspire?

 C-AC: Ohh . . . that’s an interesting question. No, I do not have any visions per se that I devise to inspire. I do however create visions of positive intent to be the best in everything I do, and help whenever and wherever I can. When my actions and successes inspire others, it feeds my motivation to continue to help.

 FB With so many disciplines to choose from, how did you decide to specialize in, and coach writing? It seems like it’s a labor-intensive process.

 C-AC: It’s not really how I decided to specialize in and coach writers, but rather, why. I would say my passion for writing is one reason. I find it difficult to, shall we say, hold back, when I see a writer needs help because they don’t understand the writing process or publishing industry. The other is that I was often approached to critique or evaluate books and I found I was ‘coaching’ as well. When I decided to start my service-based editing business, coaching seemed natural to include, because I realized that many writers liked that they could communicate with a coach beyond the scope of writing, as there are many other components that surrounds writing. The labor-intensive aspect is keeping appraised of the ever-changing publishing industry.

 FB: Most authors will admit that at one time, they doubted their ability to write. Was there ever a time when you second-guessed your faith or ability to write a book that people would pick up and actually read? If so, how did you overcome it?

 C-AC: Yes, self-doubt is a novice writers’ nightmare, and I have experienced the fear of whether my book would be worthy to be published. I went through many hurdles to overcome that fear. The first was making my book public — that is the hardest part because the fear that someone would say my writing is rubbish was embarrassing. In my particular situation, given that I was an editor, I turned away many works that was unsuitable for the publication — here was an avenue where I coached writers how to make their writing better. Nevertheless, I realized that I should apply this method, meaning, send my writing off for consideration. My first step was to get my book critiqued. Fortunately, the response wasn’t rubbish, though I still had to do a lot of work to sharpen it. However, the feedback boosted my confidence and I’ve never looked back.

 FB You appear to be focused on promoting cooperative, hands-on, based learning. Why is this method important?

 C-AC: I was once a novice. I understand first-hand how overwhelming the entire writing process can be. I work with clients who are either pulling their hair out, or are about to from lack of straight forward access to writing information. Creating a method whereby writers can access necessary material in one hub alleviates most of the frustration that comes with writing.

 FB What’s next for Cherry-Ann Carew?

 C-AC: I am promoting an anthology, How The Fierce Handle Fear — Secrets To Succeeding in Challenging Times that I co-authored. Allied to that, I’m working with my editor to get my debut novel ready to be published later this year. Further, I am working on a program titled: Power Write Your Book that I will be launching in late summer, as well as I am collaborating on a non-fiction book titled, Cook Up.

 FB And where can writers go to learn more about ‘Elements of Writing In Layman Terms — A Guide For Novice Writers’?

 C-AC: Writers’ can get more information at: http://www.writercacarew.com/In-Layman-Terms.html

 FB: Thank you, Cherry-Ann. It was both an absolute honor and pleasure speaking with you today. I am believing nothing but the best for you in all of your endeavours.

 C-AC: Again, my pleasure, and thank you.

Interview by Fran Briggs


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