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In last month’s newsletter, I outlined various ways to market your book FREE. This month’s newsletter is on a different scale – using the services of an expert.

 Steven E. Schmitt, bestselling Guru, reveals how he became a bestselling author and gives useful tips on how to change your thinking so you too can take your book to that level.

Q – You are a 24-times bestselling author. That’s a phenomenal achievement. What is your secret? 

A – We lead with marketing then we write the book. What that means is we pre-sell a certain amount of books to raise funds and then we write the book.  It is all in the marketing.

Q – Why is marketing such a critical component to becoming a bestselling author?   

A – Even if you have a great book, how are people going to hear about it?  If your book was in all the bookstores, how would people know?  You need to market the book so people can know about it to buy it.

Q – You have also done collaborations. What are the advantages of collaborating on a book?  

A – It’s all about team work. I wrote my first book when I was 21-years-old. I had a hard time marketing it because it was just me. In each of my next 31 books, I included 50 people. Now that is powerful if you have the right 50 people on your team. You can move the world, and we did. It is hard in life if you have to do everything on your own, but when you have a team it helps millions.

Q -Would you define what constitutes an Amazon.com bestseller, Barnes and Noble bestseller, and New York Times bestseller?

A – Think of movies, the first weekend they are released, whichever sells the most tickets has the #1 hit movie. It’s the same as being a bestseller. We time it right and we have a plan and a system. 

Q – What are some of the advantages of having a bestseller title?

A – Being a bestseller does not make you much money from selling books but it can be used as leverage to make you millions from your business.  Being a bestseller gives you credibility, it lifts your spirit and that momentum can bring clients to your business.

Q – What are your top 3 marketing tips for authors?  

A – One, stop thinking like an author, think like a marketer or hire a marketer on your team. Two, work with people that know the book industry and have success with their own books, not a guy that has a marketing degree. How many books has he sold?  Three, listen to your intuition, it will guide you and make sure you are doing it from your heart, if not you will give up; if it is truly your purpose to touch millions with your book, you will never give up.

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