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Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times


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New Book Features Personal Stories of Overcoming FEAR in Challenging Times & Supports Frank McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation

Costa Mesa, California – August 25, 2010 – Twenty two authors have come together to help entrepreneurs move past fear and embrace individual responsibility for change. How The Fierce Handle Fear – Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times is a compilation of ‘secrets’ from thought leaders who have succeeded even in the face of fear. The book is designed to provide help and hope for entrepreneurs and small business owners especially in this turbulent time.

How The Fierce Handle Fear – Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times details personal stories, proven techniques and tips on how each contributor handled fear and pushed through it. The book demonstrates that even the most successful business people, including Donald Trump and Jack Canfield experience fear just like everyone else.

Cherry-Ann Carew, featured author in How The Fierce Handle Fear, shares her experiences with fear and success in her contribution entitled ‘The Price of Fear.’  Carew explains, “At some point in time, most of us will get caught up in financial conundrum. This could lead to overwhelm that in turn leads to fear. That fear either numbs the mind, causing listlessness and you either become a victim, or it drives you to claw your way out.

“The trick, in my opinion on how to handle this set back, is to take stock of your affairs and focus on how to rectify them instead of focusing on the obstacles that causes fear.”

Sophfronia Scott, editor of How The Fierce Handle Fear, adds, “The average person sees Donald Trump or Jack Canfield behaving fearlessly, and they think the person is just that way—they don’t see the work or the deep thinking that has brought them to where they are today, that’s why it’s so important that we’ve collaborated to share these real experiences to help others move past fear, and realize their own potential.”

The book will be available at bookstores, online book distributors including Amazon.com and http://cherryanncarew.com/products.html in August. A portion of all sales will benefit Frank McKinney’s Caring House Project Foundation. CHPF provides housing, food, water, medical support and opportunity for the desperately poor and homeless from around the world, particularly in the United States, Haiti, The Caribbean, South America, Indonesia and Africa.

Cherry-Ann Carew is a gifted independent writer, writing coach and copyeditor with over fifteen years of experience in professional writing for various magazines, newspaper publications and online content.

She worked as a sports journalist for one of Britain’s popular newspapers, The Voice, and as editor for BlaqSport, a national sports journal, now defunct, in the United Kingdom.

Cherry-Ann is also the author of a novel that will be published by INDI Publishers later this year. She has further written a series of modules under the umbrella title: In Layman Terms – A 10-Steps Guide for Novice Writers and is currently collaborating on a non-fiction book, titled ‘Cook Up.’

 Cherry-Ann holds a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Caribbean Studies. She specializes in assisting novice writers prepare their books for traditional and self-publication. To learn more about Cherry-Ann, visit www.writetasticsolutions.com.

Cherry-Ann Carew, The Power Writing Coach, Editor & Author

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Telephone: 1 949 231 0858

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 Website: www.writetasticsolutions.com

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