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Here’s an interesting  blog/article written by By Dianna Dilworth that  e-Books can’t be burned. I can visualize holding a lighter to a kindle — not that I ever would. A book is a book is a book, digital or not, and I have a lot of respect for them. I wonder though, is that the same as watching a physical book go up in flames (it has been done for censorship among other reasons) given that a would-want-to ‘burner’ doesn’t own the eBook? The seller owns the licence agreement.

Point For eBooks, They Can’t Be Burned

All of the controversy and ink being spilled about “International Burn A Koran Day” brings to light the beauty of eBooks. You can’t burn an eBook. Well maybe you can, but it would be expensive and pretty toxic. And the symbolism would be lost.

Would Pastor Terry Jones burn a $499 iPad or even a $139 Kindle? Probably not. This blogger doubts that Jones has ever even read an eBook (or many print books for that matter).

While eBooks are not likely to entirely wipe print books off of the planet, it is nice to think that the digital revolution in publishing will help protect books from the extremists.

Now of course, I can imagine a sci-fi scenario in which databases of eBooks are wiped out and books are deleted or worse yet changed. Amazon has made it easy to imagine this kind of scenario when they wiped out George Orwell’s books.

But still, the dramatic act and event that comes out of a physical book burning just does not have the same impact with an eReader. Think about it, an eReader has thousands of books and depending on which one you have it can double as a phone, a video game console, an mp3 player and a video streaming device. It just doesn’t have the same power.

What do you think?


Comments on: "I Can Visualize Holding A Lighter To A Kindle" (2)

  1. The link to the “Removal of 1984 from KINDLE owners devices” is news to me. Who’da thought!

    And of all of the books available to remove, what a choice!


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