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How The Fierce Handle Fear – Secrets To Succeeding In Challenging Times

ISBN: 9781936198368 Two Harbors

Press Reviewed By Karynda Lewis

Official Apex Reviews Rating:


No matter our age, race, gender, background, or socioeconomic status, if there’s one thing that’s common to us all – it’s fear. Each of us is more than familiar with the sense of dread, worry, or trepidation that accompanies everything from losing a loved one to rising piles of unpaid bills to the ordeal of not being able to find steady employment. Despite the rather suffocating grip that fear can often wield over our lives, though, we need to realize that there is always a way out of even the most grievous of situations.

Such is the essence of How The Fierce Handle Fear, the enlightening new anthology from editor Sophfronia Scott. Featuring a collection of inspiring essays from the likes of such iconic figures as Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, and Debbie Phillips, Scott’s insightful compilation provides a host of helpful strategies for conquering your fears and moving forward in the name of progress. Particularly notable is the essay entitled “The Price Of Fear,” penned by author and writing coach Cherry-Ann Carew. In gripping fashion, Carew relates her personal story of sinking to the depths of financial peril, only to rise to the daunting challenges confronting her and her family and emerge victorious over her seemingly insurmountable circumstances. As such, How The Fierce Handle Fear is a powerful, practical guide to achieving success – no matter how bleak your situation. A thoroughly motivational read.


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