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There are so many avenues that authors can use to market their books, yet many do not use them to their advantage. Here’s what an author wrote on a writing group site in relation to marketing her book:

“I have a writerface, author’s den and Goodreads profile, my own website, an author’s page on amazon and a blog that RSS feeds into all my profiles. What else?”

I couldn’t believe it. I currently have a marketing plan that spans eight pages and have been promoting my book “Whisper Of Lies” that is due out in spring 2011 for the past year.

Authors, it’s so important to use the varying avenues to connect with readers to build a relationship. If not, they won’t know your book is out there. Invest some time in putting a marketing plan together to build your platform. You will be rewarded by the time you are ready to launch your book and long after.

Having a website, blog and a minimum of 3 social mediums (I recommend Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn) in the current climate goes without saying. But there are hundreds of other mediums you can also use. Let’s look at five of them.

Email signature: Way before you finish writing, you should add your upcoming book to your email signature, both personal and business. If you haven’t decided on a title yet, you can still market it. For instance “Author of an upcoming non-fiction book” or if fiction “Author of an upcoming novel. Two things will happen when you commit to broadcasting your intention of writing a book. One, people will encourage you and two, you won’t want egg thrown in your face and will step up to the plate.

Video marketing: Video is a powerful tool. Authors have a great opportunity to use this medium to connect visually with readers. You can read an excerpt from your book, give tips etc. and upload to your blog, website social mediums where you’ve subscribed.

Audio: Cinch is great to record messages, and like video, you can read an excerpt from your book. Cinch is a free and an easy way to create and share audio, text and photo updates using your phone or computer. Like video, you can upload to your blog, website social mediums etc.

Media/Press Release: Create a media release when your book is launched and blast it to press release directories such as: http://www.24-7pressrelease.com/ http://www.marketwire.com and Fax to Wireless Flash at (619) 220-8590.

Traditional print advertising: You don’t need to spend a bundle on creating a flash brochure, business cards, flyers and book markers with an image of your book with a brief blurb can be left at your hairdressers/barbers, dentist, chiropractor, local library etc.

You can be cost-effective but still get the word out about your book.

Go for it and Write It, Work It, Publish it!

© 2010 Cherry-Ann Carew

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Cherry-Ann Carew, The Power Writing Coach, Editor, and Founder of Writetastic Solutions, is a co-author of the bestselling book ‘How the Fierce Handle Fear’ – Secrets to Succeeding in Challenging Times and author of the upcoming novel “Whisper Of Lies”. Cherry-Ann helps writers with their creative expression to add value to their books. Learn how her coaching and editing services can help you with your book. Subscribe for your FREE SPECIAL REPORT: Discover The 3 Simple Steps That Will Help You Start And Finish Your Book. Yes, you can have a finished draft in no time!


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