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How many times have you read the back blurb of a book that resonates with you? You can’t wait to get home to curl up and lose yourself in the story, only to read the first sentence, and it doesn’t grab you like the blurb did.

I have, on many occasions, and it’s disappointing. What the opening sentence lacked, was a hook. The hook, aka narrative hook, didn’t do its job. It didn’t grab my attention to keep reading.

Conversely, there is nothing more frustrating when a book draws you in, from the beginning, only to wan in the middle. I have read many where the writing has a brilliant opening then falters. Naturally, I lose interest. The opening sentence is not the only place to retain a reader’s interest, you see, you need to keep your writing engaging throughout the book.

That said, today’s article covers “How To Write A Killer First Sentence To Open Your Book,” that I lifted from Writersrelief.com, and would like to share with you.

Read the full article here, and check out the first sentences from some popular books in the slide show.


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