Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Many of you smart, savvy people have an abundance of ideas swirling around your heads; in most cases, they continue to whoosh around, even though you know a book is a valuable tool that can give you credibility, and open doors for your business.

Selecting what content to use in your writing can be found in places you may not have thought of. Here are ten areas where you can find content to get you started.

  1. Life/work experiences.
  2. Activities you were/are involved in.
  3. Events you were/are exposed to.
  4. People you meet or have met.
  5. Concerts, plays, movies etc.
  6. States, provinces, cities, villages, towns, countries where you’ve lived or travelled, to name a few.
  7. Your educational background, whether from the pre-school playground, high school, college, workshops, seminars, webinars, vocational courses, Self-Help and How To books, or the streets.
  8. Interview people one-on-one to draw from their experiences.
  9. Observational research
  10. Join a martial arts class, a yoga class, writing or reading group, forums etc.

As you can see, through your experiences, your life is full of content that you can use to your advantage. You have enormous life experiences at your fingertips that are a treasure trove of content. Your stored knowledge is your gold mine.

Observe and use past and present experiences, and you will have more than enough information to use in your writing. Further, be open minded and curious and you will see things others may not.

Of course, there will be times when you feel stuck, uncertain, or intimidated – don’t stay in that mode, Boost your writing with my easy online e-course: This entire step-by-step e-course will teach you in ten weeks, the elements you need to incorporate in your writing to make your words command attention, and it’s all laid out ‘In Layman Terms’™!

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Write It, Work It, Publish It!

© 2011 Cherry-Ann Carew

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  1. I gave your blog a well deserved full star rating in network blogs :-). Great blog.

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