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One week ago today I launched my debut novel, Whisper of Lies. Sales were decent and I have some reviews and interviews lined up globally. I know from research and experience, that I probably wouldn’t have sold a single copy if I had not put a marketing strategy in place way before my book was published.

As authors, it’s our responsibility to build a platform whether publishing via traditional means, or self-publishing. To do that, you need to set an action plan in place in preparation before getting your book out into the world, because your book’s success is ultimately up to you. In addition, you need to have an intimate knowledge about the book’s outset and outcome.

In coming weeks, I’ll share brief extracts from an E-book I’m currently writing to assist authors to market their books.

At the outset, I focused on three main topics that I call the 3 Ps. They are: ‘Predetermine, Prepare and Promote.’  Many areas overlap, but in essence, Predetermine means understanding what your message/story is about. As obvious as this sounds, many writers start out wanting to write information that they feel will answer society’s problems, if writing non-fiction. If fiction, many do not know, or understand the overall story through line.

One of my clients, for instance, went through a grieving period after finding out her youngest daughter chose to live an alternate lifestyle. Once she was healed, she wanted to share her struggles with other mothers to minimize their pain. Her message was “The 7 Stages of Grief.” It’s important to be as specific as you can, so the purpose of your message resonates with your readers.

The other thing is to define which members of society your message is aimed at. Are they male, female, young adults, pregnant mothers, children of elderly parents or youths? Knowing who your intended audience is helps you to establish your niche market. Further, are they local, in the suburbs, nationwide, or global?

When do you want your message to be heard? What is your time line to get your book out? Will it coincide with a special occasion? For instance, Thanksgiving, Gay parade, Valentine, during a political campaign, Christmas, a sporting event such as the Olympics or World Cup?

How will you get your message out? What method(s), tools and resources are you going to use? Will you use business cards, flyers, social media and, or, traditional media?

Once you have established the above, you are on your way to putting a marketing strategy in place.

In the 3 Ps To Marketing Your Book – Part Two, I’ll cover Preparation.

Write It, Work It, Publish it!


© 2011 Cherry-Ann Carew

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