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In Part One of the 3 Ps To Marketing Your Book, I outlined what you need to predetermine before preparing and promoting your book. I used the same method for my recently launched book ‘Whisper of Lies.’ In part two, let’s look at Preparation.

Why should you prepare? You can never be too prepared. Knowing the marketing path through and through will increase your confidence and decrease angst that you will feel when your book is launched.

My guess is you are probably inundated, overwhelmed, and unable to really focus on what needs to be done. Let’s face it; we all have other distractions: a day job, family commitments, socializing with friends, chores and other obligations that are a part of our lives. Given this, it’s advisable to carve out the time to put a strategy in place to make it easier down the line. Focus on being proactive versus reactive. If you are doing several things at once, the result will be that things will move less quickly. Your change in orientation requires you to align your energy in one direction, so pledge to get organized and you will be mentally prepared.

Who will help you prepare? Will you put your strategy together on your own, use the assistance of a family member, friend, co-worker, VA, or seek outsource help from such places as www.assistu.com or www.craigslist.com? It’s a good idea to get help in preparing your plan, as you can brainstorm which is the best avenue to take and what tools may best be suited to your marketing and promotional campaign. You don’t need to do it all on your own. Get a team in place. Multiply your time and effort with others who can help you.

Where will you prepare? Your kitchen table, a weekend away, Starbucks, the park? This may seem simplistic, but treat preparing to put your plan together as if you are writing your book – map it out. The process will be much shorter. Find a place where you won’t be easily distracted. If you are overwhelmed, your mind will be blocked, thereby making it difficult for you to create new ideas.

When will you prepare? Evenings, Weekend, lunch hour? Dedicate a certain time when you can fully focus on your plan.

How will you prepare? Will you write long-hand using different colour pens, pencils or high-lighters? Will you use Microsoft Word, Excel Spreadsheet or PowerPoint? Much like you can’t start cooking without utensils, apply the same procedure and have all the tools you will use at hand. The intent is to have a blue-print at arms-reach to remind you of what needs to be done. Having your strategy in your face not only serves as a reminder, but you can tick off each task as you go along during your promotion that I will cover in the ‘3 Ps To Marketing Your Book – Part Three.’

Write It, Work It, Publish it!

© 2011 Cherry-Ann Carew

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  1. Prep is the hardest part for me. Once I have the blueprint to follow it’s simply a matter of dedicated application. Or is it?

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