Write It, Work It, Publish It™

I’m honoured to announce that one of my clients, Bitten Twice has launched her latest title, ‘Marked‘ a paranormal romance/urban fantasy that will take you on a journey from the jungle to the city.

Great legends tell of the pairing of souls. Two that would come together in an eternal bond yielding great power. Forever marked with a destiny waiting to unfold, the wielders of light in darkness’ final hour.

Demonic forces threaten to tip the balance of power for all worlds. Xan, King of the Cats, is one of many called in by the Templar organization to eliminate the source of the trouble brewing in North America. Arriving in New York, Xan, a powerhouse of seduction, meets Katherine and begins to wonder whether he has met his soul mate, or fallen into a trap. The war with the underworld comes topside and Xan is in the midst of fighting an unfamiliar battle – rejection. Can Katherine, however, accept their differences?


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