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Reviewed by Lynn F. for ReadersFavorite.com

Lavina Bradshaw was raised by her grandparents. She barely knew her mother and never knew her father. When her grandparents were killed in an auto accident, there was only one option for Lavina…to move to England and live with the mother who gave her away when she was a baby. As time moves forward, Lavina marries and has three children. Her marriage is not a happy one; she feels stifled, but financially she has no way out. Lavina wasn’t planning to have an affair…until she met Lamyal Campbell. There was an instant attraction between the two, but she failed to tell him she was married. Their relationship was filled with lies and deceit.

Be prepared; once you start reading Whispers Of Lies by Cherry-Ann Carew you will not be able to lay it down. This book runs the gamut of emotions and is filled with the trials and triumphs of one woman through her journey of growing up. The reader witnesses her hopes and love.

This was an excellent read. I was quickly caught up in the life of Lavina. It was heart-breaking watching her as a child, then see her grow into a woman. The author has a talent for engaging the audience; I felt as though I was in the midst of the situation. The plot stirs emotions bringing both tears and smiles. This is my kind of book.


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