Write It, Work It, Publish It™

For those of us who have already embarked into the publishing world, we know there’s a lot involved in the process before and beyond submitting a manuscript to an agent, or if self-publishing, uploading a Kindle to Amazon. Hiring a book coach can minimize much of the headache that comes with not knowing what, or how to handle book publishing.

As a novice, journeying through the writing process alone is daunting in itself, and when you have to make crucial decisions after the book is written, that, too, can be overwhelming and frustrating.

Thank goodness there are book coaches, aka book consultants, who can guide you through each phase of what can be a complicated process. And it is worth your while to take advantage of using a professional who can advise you about such things as, manuscript/synopsis editing, cover and query letters, book cover and interior design, distribution, marketing and much more. Book coaches will assemble, or refer you to appropriate resources for each task and work with you through the design, production, and distribution.

A good book coach should first assist you with defining your publishing success so that she can help you achieve your goal—whether your aim is to get high sales ranking on Amazon.com, use your book to boost your business, gain speaking engagements, or as a means to gain a traditional publishing contract.

With the rise of self-publication, many self-publishers are not aware that by self-publishing it is a business– their business–and as such should prepare a business plan. There’s so much industry jargon that if you are not in the know, your eyes will spin in your head. A book coach can weed out the fluff and guide you to bring you up to par with the ins and outs of self-publishing.

Whichever it is, formulating a comprehensive plan that aligns with your definition of success is of the utmost importance. Publishing, overall, is not a straight-forward business. You can spend years learning about it, or you can enlist the help of someone who’s been there and who can hold your hand throughout the process.

Collaborating with a reputable book coach increases your chances for publishing success, rather than disappointment. So, you may not make the bestsellers list, but you will place yourself in a more marketable position and make sales. Plus, you will avoid going round the merry go round, and further, eliminate a lot of aggravation. Not having a handle on how the system works can also be costly if you have to back track and start all over again.

Write It, Work It, Publish it!

© 2011 Cherry-Ann Carew

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