Write It, Work It, Publish It™

It’s one thing to write a book; entirely different to write one that’s saleable, viable and marketable. No one, even the large publishing houses, can guarantee that it will be a success. Varying circumstances, changing trends, world affairs, your market reach, all affect consumer preferences. Nevertheless, there are avenues that authors can take to leverage the sales-factor in their favor, and I will share 5 quick tips that will help make your book salable.

1)       The idea for the book, How The Fierce Handle Fear – Secrets To Succeeding In Challenging Times that I co-authored, grew from the economic meltdown that sent shockwaves throughout the world. It became a bestseller. Keep apprised of what is currently going on in your industry and in the world at large for that matter. Gauge what is getting people’s interests. Bear in mind that traditional means is not the only way to garner information either, survey your target audience using free tools such as ‘Ask Question’ on Facebook, or conduct a survey on Survey Monkey among the many others. If you are a coach, do speaking engagements, consulting, facilitate seminars or workshops, or you’re in a group, listen to what people are talking about, and of course, ask more questions.

2)       What is the media currently focused on? Is there a trend in coverage? Are talk show hosts including a specific topic/event on their shows? If there is something that is getting buzz, put your creative hat on and think how you can incorporate it in your writing.

3)       Have other books been published on the topic of your choice? If so, familiarize yourself with as many of those books to find out how it’s being perceived in the marketplace. Is there a trend? Do you see any holes that your book can fill? This will help you to angle it differently if writing non-fiction. If fiction, include an evergreen topic. Get to know the market.

4)       Just like you need to know what is happening in the market place, you likewise need to target your readers. Outside the realm of whether they are male or female, find out their age range, if they are married, single, separated or divorced. Where they are demographically. What kinds of jobs do they have? What are their reading preferences (fiction, non-fiction)? Etc. It’s important to create an overall profile of your ideal readers so that you can target them before your book is published.

5)       Decide on your marketing and book launch date. Timing is important if you want to make sales. Map out when you plan to release your book and include if it will be around a holiday or occasion. If the latter, use it to your advantage and don’t forget to market like crazy weeks before your book launched.

Write It, Work It, Publish it!

© 2011 Cherry-Ann Carew

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