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“An Author’s Love Affair with Writing” ~ Author Cherry-Ann Carew

As a passionate author, writer, and reader, one could call Cherry-Ann Carew’s relationship with writing a long lasting love affair, not to mention an intense passion between herself and reading. It’s been one passionate rollercoaster after the next and she hasn’t stopped yet to take a breather.

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Comments on: "An Author’s Love Affair with Writing – Cherry-Ann Carew is Author of the Month" (4)

  1. Dickie Carew said:

    Cherry-Ann is very passionate about her work and is an inspiration to aspiring writers.
    Congratulations on being selected as author of the month,

  2. Diane Whitby Christie said:

    I have finished reading ‘Whisper of Lies”. In the age of Dreamworks, etc.., comes Cherry-Ann Carew. I’m just not a convenient reader. I read two to three books a week. This novel in its simplicity touches all of us in one way or another…a family member like Rohan…a love Like Lavina and Lamyal’s….a relationship like Adel to Lavina and her deep denial of what Yolande was. Then there’s Leo trying to be a Lamyal. I can relate to that the older person. It seems as you age family avoid you like as though you have the plague…like Isis. Quietly hiding her pain and her silent scream of injustice, living each moment in her love for Lamyal. Its gut hurting, and each one of us will take something real away from reading, Whisper of Lies.

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