Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Okay, I’m really getting into the groove and I’m pleased
with the way that the set-up is unfolding. The structural foundation is settling.

I’ve plunked my heroine (Lavina) into a predicament from the outset – a fast and furious unexpected hook – that is
strategically placed and she now has a mammoth mission ahead of her; she doesn’t know it yet.

Though, plot related, its character driven, as in the prequel,
Whisper of Lies.

My mission today is to continue to uncover some compelling and disturbing revelations about this new, cool character. New in the sense that he was touched on in the first book, but will play a major part that will shake up Lavina’s sensibilities.

Going to work on some ‘What ifs’ to create surprises to up the ante to ensure the plot will be effective as the story develop.

Rolling my sleeves up!


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