Write It, Work It, Publish It™

An idea, in my opinion is amorphous, no matter how great. How you conceptualize that idea, give it goals, shape, and expand it to its fullest is the fun part for me. And I’m having a ball doing just that with a couple of characters.

As mentioned before, my outline was rushed, so I didn’t get a chance to create, or plan these new characters in their entirety. I generally get into their skin (and sometimes under), experience their back story, their courage, fears, failures, quirks, not so nice personality, and even paint their toe nails if need be!

Anal or what? But that’s how I do it even if some of their actions are not used or reflected in the story. The idea is to make them and the situation I’m placing them in, as evocative and compelling as possible.

They (new characters) appear to be resonating and realistically evolving through the journey I’ve created for them so far.

Over 20K words and onward I go.


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