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I didn’t type as much as I had planned; I had to catch up with some domestic chores, which included shopping for a blue glass bottle that is as common as gold dust. But that’s another story.

Anyhoo, I almost always end up in a book store with a coffee shop. So, I took my laptop with me, not with the intention of typing, but to go over what I’d done the past week, which went incredible quick.

Armed with a Grande white Mocha with lots of whipped cream (I know, naughty me), I perched in a corner of the coffee shop and inspected my literary achievement to date. I was rather pleased with the opening that is not a prologue, but sort of a short story that is freestanding and independent of the dramatic thread of the story with lots of character revelation. Much like the opening in the prequel: Whisper of Lies.

Of course, I’ve linked it to the core (goal/central idea of the novel) of the story with the aim of relating it through the plot, major conflict(s) and character interactions.

Then as I read along, I had a whopping idea to enhance a certain part that will create serious tension between the two main characters.

What will happen is, while on a well-earned holiday with a girlfriend, Lavina will bump into… gosh! I wish I could share it with you….


Comments on: "My NaNoWriMo Journey-Day 6-Naughty Me" (2)

  1. You are a tease!

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