Write It, Work It, Publish It™

I don’t know if the universe is trying to tell me something, but my bizarre and abrupt change in thought, in the midst of typing my story left me pondering for a few minutes.

The following words entered my head, as noted, right in the middle of typing my story. So, I opened a blank page in Microsoft Word and wrote:

Begin by describing your story in twenty-five words or less. The aim is to hook the agent, editor or the publisher’s attention. Write the complete summary of your story—from beginning to end—in present tense. Include the major plot points or turning points. No secondary characters, subplots and, or, minor events. Don’t go into any detail unless it is pivotal to the story.

Focus your synopsis on what the book is about. Identify the conflict[s] between characters, their motivation and do tell the ending. Editors, agents and publishers do not like to be left guessing – that is for the reader. Show less and tell more.

Then I reverted back to my story and when I wrapped up, my word count was just under 24K.

What could the universe be trying to tell me? Beat’s me, but take note – that’s a valuable tip if you intend to publish your book via traditional means.


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