Write It, Work It, Publish It™

You’ve heard me mention it from day 1, “I rushed my outline.” And given that, that’s my style of preparation before I begin to write, I’m bumping into minor problems requiring me to step away from writing until I’ve completed whatever it is I left unfinished.

Let me explain. When I was working on some new character sketches, for one in particular I wrote ‘ditsy.’ Not much of a sketch. So when I needed to write a scene about her, I hit a road block. In order to keep up my writing momentum, I had to make a more in-depth profile of her beyond ‘ditsy,’ which required some brainstorming.

A technique I use is what I call ‘verbal brainstorming.’ I essentially describe the scene I’m at and what I want to achieve. From there, I ask pertinent questions and make suggestions. Within half an hour, I had a realistic character sketch and was able to continue writing. By the way, I recorded this brainstorming session.

When I coach my clients, I usually suggest they do this exercise with a friend or a writing buddy. It really does help you to look at things from many angles, as well as iron out any kinks.

Try it, and naturally, if you have no one around at the time, you can always talk to you and remember to record it.



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