Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Mega busy day, today, but I am determined not to sway from writing each day, so done a few pages only to get stumped, like I knew I would.

Let me explain, and I have to be very careful about not giving away too much from the first book in case you haven’t read it, suffice to say, Lavina, one of the main characters in Whisper of Lies does not know her father. For this untitled novel, the sequel, I will reveal who he is with a whole lot of backstory coming from her (Lavina) mother.

Here’s the thing. He’s from South Africa. And I haven’t done necessary research, because I rushed my outline. I know how and why he went to South America – Lavina’s place of birth – and why he returned to South Africa. What I haven’t decided yet is whether to (later in the story) have Lavina go to find him once she finds out who he is. If I do, I need to do due diligence about his (her father) place of birth.

I don’t know him as fully as I would like, that’s a hurdle I have to work on. In addition, I have to craft the setting along with his actions to make the plot work within the confines to set the tone to define the story.

I’m warming to the idea of Lavina travelling to SA though; methinks I have a lot of ground work to do.


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