Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Have you ever been so ‘in the zone’ with your writing that your immediate surroundings and the ‘present’ is non-existent? I have, many times. This is what I love about writing. I get to place myself into the skin of my characters, get to visit places I’ve never visited and revisit places, become a bad girl/boy… but I digress, because today was no exception and so engrossed was I, that I burnt the dinner. Yes my rib-eye steak was well and truly over-done, which is usually how I like it; burnt to cinders, no. And my lovely portabella mushrooms was shriveled like a moist prune.

How did this happen? I forgot to put the alarm on, on my mobile, which is what I use to time myself on projects I’m working on. The long and short of it is that I settled for a Lean cuisine, which was rather nice.

So, as mentioned in my last blog, I bumped into a hurdle about Lavina finding out about her dad, whose cultural background, by the way is Dutch. He would have been born during the apartheid era and would be considered an Afrikaner. I’m still working on it and the modest research I’ve done since is proving rather interesting and may lead me to pastures new.

In any event, I worked on some scenes further into the book and did a cool 1500 words today.

I’m back in the rhythm:)


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