Write It, Work It, Publish It™

I couldn’t seem to get into the groove since my botch job with yesterday’s writing. Luckily I had a massage appointment, which was relaxing to the point that I didn’t feel like pounding keys, thereafter. Given that it’ll be a short week due to Thanksgiving, I pulled on my disciplined hat and banked just under 1K words.

I found I was force-typing, so I stopped and as I wanted to be productive, I reverted to some research on Lavina’s father.

I searched through a few magazines looking for an image that best represented what I have in my head, but found nothing. Okay, so I did catch up on some celebrity gossip. Anyhoo, the thing is I have to find one when he was a teenager dating Lavina’s mum and one when he is in his fifties, when Lavina will meet him for the first time.

I then scoured the Internet and eventually found two that I am happy with. I saved the images, printed it out and added it to the other images I am using to help keep me visually alert. A part of my wall looks like a vision board, but it helps me to give the character depth when I can see them as I write their scenes.

In addition, I don’t have to keep reverting to my character style sheet to check for such things, as the colour of eyes, hair etc. This allows me to keep their physical descriptions in check.

I’m getting there.


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