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I hope I don’t begin to sound, or, rather sound repetitive when I say again that I am researching Lavina’s father, who is of Dutch descendants; born in South Africa. I’m really enjoying the historical aspects, which I’m not only finding educational, but fascinating, given that he lived during the abominable apartheid era.

I’ve profiled him and given him a personality that is likeable, quiet, with a shy disposition that Lavina acquired from him. Naturally, he has a South African accent and he is well learned. He has travelled extensively due to his love of different cultures (he abhorred apartheid and lives with his own demons.) He’s a retired gynecologist, widower with no children.

He has no idea of Lavina’s existence, but will embrace her when he does find out.

How will Lavina react when she learns about him is the question of the day.


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