Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Continuing with my profile of Lavina’s father, I haven’t yet decided on a name for him; it certainly won’t be Hans, Lol.

I am warming to the name, Xander that means ‘defender of man.’ This will compliment his ethical nature and the steps he took to be a man of integrity in a society that he found grossly distasteful, but was powerless to do much about without endangering his own life. His backstory will be intriguing and emotional.

I’m also working on his character traits and body language, which are essentially unique gestures. I’m thinking I’ll give him a powerful stance, though not intimidating, but a stance that draws people to him, because they feel they can trust him.

He, however, does not allow people to get close to him due to reasons I cannot share here without giving away the plot. Will he allow Lavina into his life even though he will embrace her as his daughter?

Will Lavina even want to have a relationship with him?


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