Write It, Work It, Publish It™

Hit the 65K mark today and need to weave Lavina’s mum and dad more into the story; still researching her dad.

As such, I decided to review what I’ve written to date. I won’t be doing any line editing at this stage, but my aim is to identify if my ideas are coming over as intended. I’m also checking to see if the backstory of the characters are believable enough to engage the reader? Is the dialogue and overall language consistent and clear? Are events and instances in line with the year I’m writing about (2004).

In addition, Lavina is doing a lot of travelling, so I have to make sure locations are not too descriptive, yet descriptive enough for the reader to get a feel for the places. And the food, there’s lots of mouth-watering food.

It really helps having an outline as I can easily go through each scene to locate any holes.


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