Write It, Work It, Publish It™

So, though there’s still much research with regard to Xander – yes, I decided to give Lavina’s father that name – I wrote a scene today whereby Lavina’s mother (Louise) is waxing lyrical with her sister and the conversation swerve to Xander. Surprisingly, she opens up about her relationship with Xander. Not long after, her sister presents a journal she kept for her.

This is another decision I made after debating whether to use foreshadowing or place a red herring in My NaNoWriMo Journey-Day 23. The scenes are really developing, and I’m enjoying them.

Though I’ve exceeded the required word count (50,000 – approximately 175 pages) and I’ve interspersed my writing with brief reviews and research during the month, I’m still challenging myself to go the whole way to see what my final word count will be.

I’m in no way bragging, as I’m fully aware that there is lots of editing to be done when the draft is complete. However, I’m competitive, as well as I finish what I start. As such, I’m pushing on to the end that is only 1 day away. Wow!


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