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Web Site Promotion

Google ‘Web Site Promotion’ and you will see information on this topic overflowing across the Internet. Yet many authors do not have a website to promote their books, and some who have, do not know how to use it to their advantage.

If an author is clear on the concept of her book, she will know what she want it to do for readers, be it to entertain or educate, but she may not have given any thought as to how a web site can help her achieve success for her books. It’s so important to have a web site where you can promote your works and connect with your readers. With that said, here are three ways to promote your site to draw in readers.

1) Drive targeted traffic to your web site by optimizing your web pages with specific keywords. Search engines will love you for that and will reward you with a high ranking when searches are made. This means visitors who are interested in the type of book(s) you are selling will find you easier.

2) Build and maintain a system of quality reciprocal links, i.e. search for sites that complement yours and link to them. Your first thought will be to avoid those that are direct competitors, however, it can be worthwhile to link with direct competitors as well, because the overall aim is to increase your web site traffic and boost your ranking in search engines such as, Yahoo, Bing and Google.

3) Be active in forums that are pertinent to your genre and add comments with a link bank to your site. This tactic alone will boost traffic to your web site.

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  1. Great Post..It helps me too. thanks.

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