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When Will Smith was nominated for best actor for his role in the movie ‘Ali’, the actor told ABCNEWS, “It really is an honor just to be nominated…. Just being nominated for an Oscar, you have ‘Oscar nominee Will Smith,’ you know

I know. Will, from the nomination date has been referred to as ‘Oscar nominee Will Smith,’ and that title will remain unless he wins an Oscar. Being nominated for an award for my book, Whisper of Lies is a great feeling of accomplishment. It tells me that I’ve done my job to entertain the reader and this has nothing to do with ego. Every one of us, no matter what field of work we are in, wants to be respected, appreciated and recognized for our efforts. So like Will Smith, I feel honoured just to be nominated. Writing books is a business and as such, authors have to try different avenues to give their books exposure to have a successful business.

Below is an article that outlines 4 benefits authors will gain by putting their book up for an award.

According to R.R. Bowker publishing statistics, about a million new books are hitting the market each year. And short of being J.K. Rowling or John Grisham, it can be hard to get your book the notice it deserves.

One way to try to earn your book additional notice is to enter book award contests. Book awards are an easy and affordable marketing option, and if you win or place in the competition, the returns can be substantial. Not all awards will earn you celebrity status, but reputable awards do have the potential to attract attention. Here are some of the benefits of winning a book award:

1. Gain notice from readers. Putting a book award seal on the front cover of your book or listing it in your book description or author bio makes it stand out and signals that it is a book to pay attention to. Your award seal says, “I’m a book that’s been honored. Look at me first. You can be assured that I’m a quality book worthy of your attention.” Award-winning status can get your book reconsidered or noticed by readers for the first time and help it stand out from other similar books on the market.

2. Get credibility and prestige in a challenging marketplace. Winning a book award or even being a finalist demonstrates your book’s quality and value. The credibility gained with a distinguished book award has the potential to gain attention for your book from journalists, reviewers, distributors, and buyers. And we all know readers gravitate toward award-winning books; think of an award seal like a stamp of approval akin to an Oscar, Emmy, or trophy in other fields.

3. Increase your PR possibilities. Being an “award-winning author” can lead to newspaper and magazine articles, radio and television appearances, book reviews, and newsletter and blog mentions. Obtaining media interest often takes a good bit of time and effort, but being an award winner could help your chances of press coverage. For more information about communicating with the media, see Preparing Your Online Media Kit or watch the webinar How to Land and Perform on More TV and Radio Shows.

4. Increase your sales and get your book in new markets. As a winner, you can actively spread the word about your success. Chances are your award can help create positive perceptions among your audiences. That can translate into increased book sales and expanded market opportunities.

There are dozens of book awards in the U.S., not to mention those offered in other countries. Some awards are wide open, some are only open to members of literary groups, and others have detailed eligibility requirements for entry. There’s always a chance you could come across a phony award, so be sure to look into the credibility of the program by talking with the award director and other writers. Your first step is to look for awards that suit your book, your budget, and your promotional goals, which begins with a simple Internet search. To get you started, see 2012 Competitions for Independently Published Books for ideas.

This article was lifted from a post written by a CreateSpace Blogger that I came across at the same time my novel, Whisper of Lies was nominated. Good karma, perhaps!

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Comments on: "4 Reasons to Enter Book Awards" (2)

  1. Thanks for sharing this fact… I wish to know how to enter a book award… it would really help 🙂

    • Hey Ahamin

      Thanks for your comment. Sorry I missed it, but it went into my spam.

      Re entering a book for an award, the best way to find which would be suitable for your book is to do a search on the Internet – Google. You could start with something general such as: 2013 book awards. Hope this helps.

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