Write It, Work It, Publish It™

There is an abundance of writing opportunities to gain the experience you will need in order to make your dream of writing come true, whether it’s to write a fiction or non-fiction book, write articles for your favourite publication, blogs, or even grants to name a few, the number of writing opportunities are boundless.

The best course of action is to first start by assessing what your goals and desires are and what writing experience you currently have. Next, ascertain what you want to accomplish in the writing world. There are a myriad of ways to express your written words. Research online directories, resources and online book stores, such as Amazon.com. Such places will give you information into the types of writing that are grasping people’s attention, and you will find ideas that you otherwise might never have thought of.

Once you’ve defined what area you will enjoy writing, the next step is to determine how you will gain the experience necessary in order to thrive as a writer. In most cases, you will simply start at the bottom and work your way up, improving your skills as you go. This type of progress is helpful, since you will grow and learn as a writer. The skills gained during this time are invaluable and the most important thing is that you should keep writing every day, if possible, to make you a more proficient writer.

If you are interested in contributing an article to a publication, research the specific publication’s annual calendar to find out what they are seeking. Most publications generally set a theme two to three months in advance. Unless you are a subscriber to a specific magazine and you’re familiar with its content, tone, style and topic, it is in your best interest to review at least six months back copies. Analyze them with a fine teeth comb noting such things as the type of content they print. Is it a Women’s magazine, Christian and so forth? Check, too, to see who writes for them. Some magazines like O Magazine do not work with freelance writers. They already have in-house staff writers and one is generally invited to contribute.

Conversely, writing about what topics are in demand can help elevate your writing more quickly and you will gain more attention. You may want to express your own views, reviews, or commentary about a certain subject, if so, opinion columns is a great starting point.

Submitting material to contests and competitions is another great way to get started. You can find contests promoted through libraries, literary art centers and online. Many of these organizations are usually scouting to find local writing talent in their community.

Furthermore, there are a number of writing courses and writing workshops that can help you hone your writing skills. Such courses can include spending some time at writing retreats, where you work with fellow writers to overcome obstacles and learn how to use elements to write compelling and engaging stories.

These are but a few of the writing opportunities that you can take advantage of, but it all starts with you putting pen to paper or, fingers to keys, because becoming a writer doesn’t happen overnight – it takes effort, practice and dedication to the craft, as well as practice.

Writing is a lifetime course; the more you write, however, and read, the better your writing will become. All the research and planning will mean very little until you put that information together and begin to write.

Write It, Work It, Publish it!

PS. I’d love to hear your views on How To Increase Your Chances Of Becoming An Author. Please do leave a comment.

© 2012 Cherry-Ann Carew

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