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How Authors Can Benefit From Relationship Marketing

A good way for you as an author to get help to increase your writing business is to develop relationship marketing. This form of relationship building derived from direct response marketing campaigns that focused on client and customer retention, rather than sales.

Since this trend expanded into the writing world, it has proved to be a tried and true way of increasing readership base to gain access to new opportunities, when advertising efforts are applied as part of relationship marketing.

Relationship marketing is essentially pulling your resources together with other authors to help learn, grow and develop your base of ideas and opportunities. Perhaps the most difficult concept for most authors to grasp is that all of your work, no matter how well written is not going to do you any good if no one reads it.

Developing a relationship strategy starts with researching Online sites, where other authors gather for the same purpose to pool their resources and ideas that will generate more publicity for their work. This type of relationship marketing for authors typically is founded on a standard website, but can extend into social networking, blogs, groups and forums.

Indeed, according to Wikipedia: “With the growth of the Internet and mobile platforms, relationship marketing has continued to evolve and move forward as technology opens more collaborative and social communication channels.”

Picture it like you would the fans of a particular series gathering to discuss and promote their favorite TV show. Such an analogy is fairly close to the social structure of working with other authors.

The ultimate goal of relationship marketing for authors is to expand reader engagement. To let your work be known outside your core group and vice versa so that everyone can benefit from having their writings seen by as broad a base of readers as possible.

Forming marketing strategies is fairly straightforward. It is exposing your work to the general author community and linking other works similar to yours on your website or online publication. Such cooperative efforts can yield effective results, as a broader audience base gets to see your work when they otherwise might not.

The social networking aspect of relationship marketing for authors gets into the tips, strategies and other inside information that can help you shape and improve your work. Having a business relationship with other authors is important to know where you stand, and what you can do to improve. Such improvement generally leads to more success outside the inner workings of your collective marketing strategy, because when readers see your advancement; this increases the chances of them recommending your writings to others.

Blogs, groups and forums are a wonderful way to keep communication lines open with other authors, see new trends in the field and even share tips and secrets that can help you improve what you are doing. Plus, social media is growing at an exponential rate, which means you can meet more talented authors to work with and new avenues emerge to connect with readers as well.

Relationship marketing for authors is an essential means of generating more support for your work. As you help other authors, the relationship will go beyond just the promotion of your work, to improving what you do and, ultimately help you to achieve your goals as a writer, which is more exposure for your books.

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